What our customers are saying

"The first thing that stood out to me about Lindsay was how kind and patient she is. She's also incredibly reliable and someone who I wholeheartedly trust in my home. Having her walk my dog while I'm at work is the greatest peace of mind and she always lets me know how the walk went so I'm never left wondering. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone I know."

-Anna V.

"Lindsay is great with my dog Fiona! Fiona can be timid, but warmed right up to Lindsay and is always so excited to see her. She sends pics while I'm away and walks her on my long work days. I feel completely comfortable leaving Fiona in Lindsay's care."

-Quinn C.

"I've been using Lindsay to walk my pup Louie since switching up my commute from a five minute walk to an hour drive away from home. She gives him all the attention and exercise that he needs during the day, opting for long walks and lots of playtime instead of the super strict, once around the block and then right home approach that a lot of walking services do around here! She also has a pretty open schedule which means I can leave him with her overnight, on weekends or even on holidays if I need to! Definitely give her a try, you wont be disappointed!"

-Brittany G.

"I have used Lindsay to take care of my little dog when I was in Charlotte. She is an amazing person to begin with. She guinuinley loves dogs and I know my little one will be safe with her. We had once driven 4 hours from Charlote to Raleigh to leave my dog with her when she moved to Raleigh from Charlotte!"

-Jayasree B.

"I have a dog with some special needs and am fairly protective of her (she has a lot of fears including any floor that is not carpeted or looks slippery). So I am really not comfortable leaving her with a lot of people. But form the moment we met Lindsay I had no qualms at all. She is more patient then I am! Not only is she good with the dog- she is good with me- flexible with our schedule- which is a huge help."

-Kirsten B.

"Lindsay has watched my little Havanese Ramsey since I got him! She is like a second mom to him. She has always treated him like her own. I have no worries and feel such comfort when I know he is getting all the love and care in the world from her. I can't say enough! She is the best!!"

-Pali S.

"Good evening... so I met Lindsay a little over 2 years ago at the apartments I moved into...we became friends right away... we both had pets so we had a lot of play dates... at the time Lindsay lived there she dog sat for a lot of the residents in our building...the owners and dogs loved her and her dog Nelson... you and your pet will also!!"

-Dawn H.

"Lindsay did a great job walking my dog Jack! She kept me updated throughout the process sending me pics and letting me know how he was doing. Really put my mind at ease to know that my dog was being taken care of while I was at work. Highly recommended!"

-Rebecca C.